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Pinnacle signs a contract to perform healthcare compliance training to the State of Nevada providers.  Recent changes in the law mandates that all providers in the state of Nevada under go compliance training annually.  Pinnacle put forth a vast selection of various compliance training methods, training topics and delivery mechanism.  Because Pinnacle offered such a vast collection they were awarded a State wide contract. Look for training manuals in the coming days.

The new Behavioral Science Unit- 

Due to increased demand for loss prevention and indentification of potential in-house threats. Pinnacle now has a Behavioral science unit.  This unit identifies potential employees who show a propensity to engage in criminal activity.  This can be embezzlement or identity theft or hacking.  We sent a group of employees to Quantico and learned from the best FBI agents on how to identify potential employees who may become a problem.  Email use and let us explain how we do it.

Mission statements – Improving healthcare for the next generation.  By improving effectiveness we are trying to ensure an open healthcare market for the future.

A New Business Model- Cohan, Montgomery and Rothschild had a vision.  They each worked in different realms of healthcare and saw that finding consultants that actually had a deliverable to offer was rare.  Big accounting and law firms offered fancy and nicely worded reports and recommendations, but had little practical approaches towards implementation or the reports had no basis in reality.  These firms charged exhorbitant fee's and was a waste of time and money.  Thus grew the model for the Pinnacle Group. A combination of legal and healthcare professionals that manage cost and produce a result.

Executive profiles – Barry Cohan is the CEO of Pinnacle and has a law degree from Harvard.  He has worked in healthcare consulting and legal consulting  20 years both government and private sector.

Deborah Montgomery is our Chief Financial Officer, who worked for Medicare for 15 years and Columbia/HCA before moving to the payer aspects of WellCare Health Plan.

Genievieve Rothschild is the Chief Operations Officer, she has 20 years of HMO experience and understands operations instinctively.

What to Hear More

What happens when your hospial, HMO or ancillary provider runs into legal trouble, or wants to expand their network, or has trouble getting their claims paid.  The usual answer has been to call in a top accounting or law firm.  But these forms cost thousands of dollars and sometimes they simply provide a fancy report detailing all the little issues your company might have, but with no practical solutions.  

PINNACLE offers something completely different.  PINNACLE listens to your needs, performs a statistical analysis and then implements your desired goals and objectives using your parameters, financial constraints or budgets and meets your companies goals and objectives.  We are fast paced and highly effective.

Success Stories

$50 Million Dollar Increase

Covenant Health Plan reduces at risk members by using Pinnacles member and case management models.

Pinnacle's due diligence during litigation of a health plan merger, saves the cost through OIR, and increases the profitability by millions.

All Seven Expansion Counties Approved


Pinnacle expands into Louisiana with seven county network market expansion, which it sold to a Baton Rouge health plan.

New York Clinic Shutdown


After a New York health plan contacted Pinnacle about some irregular payments to clinics in Brooklyn.  Pinnacles investigation turns up a massive kickback scheme with fack doctors and no medical services.